Monday, February 05, 2007

Penny Parts eBay Auctions

For the entire month of February we are offering "Penny Parts Auctions" in a special section of our eBay store. Every item except for dutch auctions will start at just one penny with no reserve! We will have a wide variety of items available including Honda Merchandise, OEM Parts, OEM Accessories, Import Parts and even some aftermarket items. Check back frequently all month long for new listings or subscribe to our eBay store RSS feed for immediate notifications. Good luck bidding!

Penny Parts Auctions
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Podcast Episode #51 - Viewer Questions Vol. 8

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This is one of those episodes that should be put in the vault. After some thinking I thought maybe I could just edit out some of the brain freezes, but in the end I left it as is. All I can say is that I will never do another podcast late in the day. Apparently my brain is only good until about 4:30 in the afternoon. - Paul

Paul and Kel select 14 questions to answer from the month of January.

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Show notes for Episode #51

We receive a large amount of questions on a few specific topics so here are a few we are going to put to bed. The topics are;

A. Adding a Honda Navigation system.
B. Buying a Civic Si sedan HFP Suspension Kit.
C. HomeLink used in a variety of applications. Well, this one is almost put to bed. Why? We've created a Hot Rod HomeLink that opens up more possibilities.

Viewer Questions

1. I want to install the XM kit in my Pilot but I don't want to disturb the OEM look. What items can you see from inside the vehicle?
2. When should I get my first oil change done? There seems to be so many different opinions on this.
3. Didn't we already answer this one? Yes we did!
4. I would like to install the Si sedan grille in my EX. Can this be done and what are the prices?
5. I have a 2005 Accord and would like to install the rear lenses from the 2004 model. Can they be swapped? If so what would be the cost?
6. If I purchases accessories from you and have them installed by my dealer, will they be covered under my new car warranty?
7. Is the iPod kit available now for the Odyssey? Has the software been updated for iTunes 7?
8. I'm looking at purchasing a new Accord. Does Honda make a factory remote starter?
9. How easy is it to remove the rear bumper of an Accord and is it difficult to get it properly aligned when reinstalling it?
10. Can you get a HFP muffler for my Si sedan?
11. I am planning on installing a single din aftermarket radio in my Si. What would I need to buy to use the single din OEM dash kit?
12. I would like to install the chrome exhaust finisher from the sedan on my 06 Civic LX coupe. I noticed the diameter of the exhaust pipes are about the same. Will it work?
13. I'm looking at installing the HFP suspension on my Civic Hybrid. From the catalog it appears the suspension systems are the same for the Hybrid and non-Hybrid models. Will the HFP kit work on my car?
14. You said in an earlier episode that the side sill garnish for the Civic was coming in from Australia. Are they for the 2dr or 4dr and did they arrive?

Groundhog day?

Watch for a special "penny parts" announcement on Monday, Jan 5th.