Thursday, October 19, 2006

Podcast Episode #28 - Viewer Questions Vol. 4

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Kel and Paul answer your emails and more in this 40 minute episode from studio 'O'.

A long day at work and a cold made for a difficult episode. You know that feeling when you're sick and your brain is working at half speed? As a bonus there are some bloopers at the end of the podcast just to let you know how hard it was to even get the episode started! Enjoy.

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Show notes from this episode.

1. Can you install keyless entry into a 96-98 Civic without the factory radio?
2. What is the rivnut tool that is required for cargo net installation for the new Civic?
3. Do you sell the HFP kit for the Civic in a bundle and is it any cheaper to purchase it that way?
4. Is there a chance you will be importing the bluetooth accessory from Australia?
5. What color are the seat covers for the Element?
6. Will Honda be releasing the Factory Performance wheels for the Civic in any other colors other than bronze in the near future?
7. Your online order form won't accept my Canadian postal code. Why?
8. Is the imported door sill garnish for the Civic still going to be available? If so, when?


9. Can you purchase just a single fog light assembly?
10. Is there a release date or pricing for the 07 Si Sedan?
11. Will the gray HomeLink upgrade match the Accord interior?
12. Will the iPod MusicLink work in the 2005 Pilot?
13. Can an external antenna, like the Ridgeline, be used for the XM radio on the Civic?
14. Can the Odyssey DVD system from the EX-LRES be installed into a vehicle without that system or is there an accessory version available?
15. Is the Odyssey Aero Kit going to be available for the 2007 models? If so will they be available in Nimbus Gray or Dark Cherry?
16. The inner backup sensors I've installed on my Odyssey are not flush with the bumper. Why is this?
17. Do you sell the ATF and PSF coolers separately for the Pilot?
18. Is there a half nose mask available for the 06-07 Pilot? I see that there is one for the 03-05 model.
19. Will the accessory cooler bags fit in the lazy suzan of my 2006 Odyssey?
20. Do you have any information on the lack of a dead pedal on the Honda Fit?
21. Do you or Honda have seat covers for the new Civic?
22. Do you carry older accessories like nose masks for a 91 Prelude?
23. Are there gray all season mats available for the Honda Pilot?
24. Does the 01-05 Civic accessory CD player play MP3 files?
25. Are there any customized upper or lower grilles available for the Odyssey?

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