Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Podcast Episode #33 - Viewer Questions Vol. 5

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Kel and Paul answer your emails and more in this 45 minute episode from studio 'O'.

In this episode we select out 20 questions from the month of October to answer. Also, get the latest on Fit Armrest ordering, news about our new web site, and a few lucky people will receive a FREE HFP hat if you can answer our trivia question at the end of the episode. Oh, did I mention there are bloopers at the end too?

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Show notes for Episode #33

1. Since the 2007 CR-V is similar to the RDX, are there any Honda packages available to improve either performance or handling?
2. I have a 2005 CR-V. Do I have to get a 2006 radio to use the iPod Music Link?

Information on the Music Link sales suspension.

3. I can't find a CD Changer for the 2007 Element. Is there one available for the EX?
4. Do you have mats available for a 1991 Integra? I noticed that you start selling them for 1994 models.
5. Do the chrome exhaust finishers come with hardware and installation instructions.
6. When will you have the imported side sill garnish available for the Civic and what will the price be?

Information on Honda Fit Armrest ordering.

7. Do you have the 2007 CR-V cargo trays available in tan?
8. Is it possible to purchase a single fog light to replace a broken one?
9. Can you get the HFP suspension kit for the 2003-2005 Civic Si?
10. If I purchase master keys for my vehicle can you cut them for my vehicle before you ship them?
11. Is the floor mat retention system optional to install on the Honda Fit?
12. Will you be selling chrome door handles or chrome mirror covers for the 2007 CR-V?
13. I am trading in my 2006 Civic for a 2007 CR-V. Can I get a refund on the unused portion of the Honda Care Warranty? My dealer is telling me otherwise because I did not buy the warranty through them.
14. I'm thinking of buying the HFP kit for my Civic. How does the suspension kit affect the ride? I will be driving on country roads and in town.
15. When will the new navigation DVDs come out?
16. Will the Fit accessories you offer work with the Canadian models? If so will Honda warranty the products?
17. has been saying you have great prices on Honda Care Warranties. What are the options?
18. Does the Civic Si sport muffler fit the EX as well?
19. Am I able to order just a driver's side floor mat?
20. Has Honda reintroduced floor mats for the 97-01 Prelude in black? I recently saw some on eBay but they look different than the original accessory mats.

Information about our new web site

Get a FREE Honda Factory Performance hat.Answer our trivia question and receive a FREE HFP hat. HURRY!

Episode Bloopers