Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Podcast Episode #38 - Viewer Questions Vol. 6

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In this episode Paul and Kel select 21 questions to answer from the month of November. NOTE: Due to some rendering issues this podcast is being posted about 5 days later than expected. Sorry for the delay.

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Show notes for Episode #38

Announcements and News
- iPod MusicLink available once again! Information on iTunes 7 TTS software.
- Honda Fit Armrest Update. They've landed on U.S. soil!
- BLOWOUT Accessory Sale
- Holiday Shipping

1. Will the 2007 CR-V backup camera plug-and-play with the new Civic Navigation?
2. Are there 3rd row all-season mats for the Honda Pilot?
3. Is it possible to soften the ride by adjusting the suspension on the Accord Coupe?
4. Can you email or fax installation instructions?
5. I purchased the ski attachment for my Element. Now I have a serious wind whistling noise. What can I do to fix it?
6. I need a front side window shade for my vehicle. What do you suggest?
7. I've called several Honda dealers asking about installing homelink into my Accord and have received several different answers. Do you carry them and if so do they work?
8. Your description for the 07 CR-V bass system kit says it is for vehicles without leather interior however the picture shows the product installed in a vehicle with leather. So, which is it?
9. I couldn't find a page showing what method of payment you accept. Do you accept money orders?
10. Do you know when the Civic HFP brake kit will be available for purchase?
11. I have a 06 Civic Navi. Is it possible to install the climate control of the Hybrid model into my vehicle?
12. Does the MusicLink display on the radio like it does on the iPod?
13. Are you aware that Honda has discontinued the XM Radio accessory? Can I still get it from you?
14. Do the fog lights for the 2007 CR-V include the switch? Are they plug-and-play?
15. Can you add American Express as a payment option?
16. Why can't the cargo tray and cargo net be used together in the Accord?
17. I see the wheels in some of your accessory photos for the new CR-V show the 18" Element wheels. Dealers have told me that those wheels would not fit on the CR-V. How did you get a set to fit on the vehicle?

Trivia question from our last episode. UPDATE 12/20/06: Several more answers were received before this podcast was posted. 2 hats were left when I spoke with Kel last.

18. I have a Civic with Navi and PC Audio feature. What PC Cards/Memory cards work with the unit?
19. I'm looking at swapping the driver's seat in my Pilot with a power seat out of an EX. Will it work?
20. I live in Canada. Can you ship items to me labeled as a gift so I don't have to pay duty fees
21. Why can't the DVD system be installed in a 2005 Pilot EX?