Saturday, January 06, 2007

Podcast Episode #41 - Viewer Questions Vol. 7

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In this episode Paul and Kel select 16 questions to answer from the month of December.

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Show notes for Episode #41

Announcements and News
- Happy New Year!
- A special thank you for an record year.
- The never ending update on Fit Armrests and Civic Side Sill Garnish from Australia.
- Web site updates coming in 2007. We also want your input.

Viewer Questions

1. I have a 2005 Odyssey with an 'XM Ready' radio. What do I need to add to get XM?
2. Are you looking at bringing in any CR-V accessories in from Japan? If I have part numbers for any of those items, can you get them?
3. Is the suspension the same for the 2 door and 4 door Si? I am looking for the HFP suspension kit.
4. Will the cargo board for the Odyssey support a 90 pound dog?
5. Your site lists the 06-07 Hybrid XM kit but the instructions say only 2007. Does the new kit actually fit and install the same way in a 2006 model?
6. I recently purchased a Civic coupe but noticed that there is not a light in the glove box. Is there something I can do? (FUTURE FOLLOWUP)
7. Why do you only have one podcast for the Civic coupe and it is for the Si? Will there be more podcasts for the Civic coupe, like installing a Si spoiler?
8. Are the Honda Fit all season mats black in color?
9. I saw the HomeLink upgrade you have for the Accord. Would this upgrade be the same for 2005+ Odyssey LX owners? (FUTURE FOLLOWUP)
10. Do you accept Paypal?
11. I have a Goodyear triple tread tire in the spare position on my 2004 CR-V but the standard cover will not fit. Will any of the hard covers fit this tire?
12. I didn't see a cargo liner for the 2007 CR-V. Is there going to be one available in the future?
13. I already have an iPod Music Link installed in my 2006 Civic LX and I have recently switched to a different MP3 player. Can I install the AUX jack without the Music Link interfering with the installation?
14. I recently purchased a 2005 Civic. Will the Music Link work with my iPod nano and install into my 05 Civic?
15. I have a 2005 Accord EX-L sedan. Will the 2006 EX-L exhaust finisher fit on my vehicle? (FUTURE FOLLOWUP)
16. I recently ordered cross bars for my 07 CR-V. When taking them out of the box I noticed the ends are loose. Is this normal and will they snug up when they are installed?