Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Podcast Episode #58 - Viewer Questions Vol. 11

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Kel and Paul come to you from studio E to answer viewer questions from the month of April 2007.

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Show notes for Episode #58

::News and opening announcements::

Another record month! #25
More Aussie Accessories coming.

::Viewer Questions::

1. Can you get a body colored Civic XM antenna for the accessory XM kit?
2. I found a moonroof visor a little cheaper from another online vendor. Do you have a price match policy?
3. I'm interested in all season mats for the CR-V. Are they available in gray?
4. I'm trying to add items to my shopping cart but it comes up empty. Why?
5. Are the 1995 Civic mats radically different from the 1996 mats? I'm trying to get the color gray but the 96 mats have been discontinued.
6. I was interested in purchasing the $120 front grille for the Pilot. Is there something wrong or missing with this item?
7. Is there any reason why the HFP alloy wheels from the Civic would not work on an Element?
8. I was wondering, do you have the HFP Si sedan suspension in-stock?
9. I have the CR-V NAVI. What items are needed to playback DVDs on it.
10. I recently purchased a new Odyssey. I noticed that the iPod Music Link has been discontinued. Do you have any information regarding updates to this product and availability?

Rant Alert!
6 year model cycle opinions.

11. I've seen in Accord forums the interest in installing the 06-07 automatic shift knob on 03-05 models. I think this would be a good topic to look into.
12. I wish to know if it is possible to do a podcast on installing the import headlight covers for the Accord?
13. I'm interested in a keyless entry for an Element. Will the one you have available work on my Canadian model?
14. I'm looking for a valve cover for a 2006 Si. Do you have them?
15. I have a 2006 Odyssey EX and the CD player will not play because a CD broke inside it. Do you have a part number for a replacement radio, price, etc? Also is there an accessory to plug in an mp3 player?

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