Saturday, July 14, 2007

Podcast Episode #67 - Viewer Questions Vol. 13

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Kel and Paul are back in studio O to answer selected viewer questions from the month of June 2007.

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Show notes for Episode #67

::News and opening announcements::

- Record June!
- 2008 Accord
- Truck Accessory Specials
- Alloy Wheel Specials
- International Emails
- New Aussie Accessories and Armrest Information

::Viewer Questions::

1. How much does the hardtop for the S2000 cost?
2. Do you know when you may be getting a trunk insulator kit for the 06-07 Civic Coupe?
3. Will either the 16" or 17" HFP wheels fit a 98 Civic Coupe?
4. I purchased a set of splash guards for my Fit Sport but they do not fit. Did I purchase the wrong item?
5. I have a 2007 CR-V. Do you have any suggestions for installing Bluetooth?
6. Does Honda or anyone else make cargo trailers for the Civic?
7. Do you carry a half nose mask for the 93-95 Del Sol?
8. I was wondering about the portable navigation system for the Fit. Do you know if the unit charges when docked? Is Honda making the unit or is the it being produced by another company? Do you know of the arrival date and price?
9. Can you find the Civic keyless entry 08E60-S5D-100 for me?
10. I have an Accord with Type U interior. When looking at the floor mat pictures online they seem much darker than my interior. Do you think the mats are darker in the pictures than they appear in person?
11. Do you have a basic roof rack for the Honda Fit?
12. We are still loving our 96 Del Sol but the floor mats are shot. I didn't see them listed on Do you still have them?
13. I'm a member of the community and was wondering if you provide any financing for larger accessory purchases or if this just wishfull thinking on my part?
14. I just saw your podcast on the HomeLink. Can you take the HomeLink unit from the Odyssey and put it in a CR-V?
15. I bought my car used and my battery recently died. How can I get my radio to work again?
16. I would like to know if it is possible to order headlight projectors from Australia since you carry other Aussie items?
17. Will the Fit HFP wheels 08W16-SLN-100 work on my 97 Civic EX?
18. Are all the S2000 logos stitched into the floor mats? I just bought a set of mats for my car and I'm not sure if they are OEM or not. Is there a way to tell?

Thanks for the busy July so far.

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