Saturday, September 08, 2007

Podcast Episode #73 - Viewer Questions Vol. 15

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The do not miss episode! What was to be a short episode ends up going longer than expected. Get the latest information on Honda's Portable Navigation System, Remote Start System, and Bluetooth Accessory. Plus viewer questions, Mugen Wheels and more!

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Show notes for Episode #73

News and announcements

Record August!
How many HFP wheels do we have left?
New HFP wheel color for 2008?!
2008 Accord release
New 2008 Accessories

Special 18" Mugen GP Wheel Video

1. How easy are the Ridgeline Side Steps to install if you are not mechanically inclined?
2. How much do the 18" HFP Civic wheels weigh without tires?

Special HFP Wheel Weighing Video

3. I was wondering about the new Portable Navigation system. Do you have any photos and information?
4. I have a 2006 Accord LX and I want to add a sunroof. If I got all the parts from an EX and had a professional install it, would the wiring harnesses already be there to install it?
5. Can I substitute the 17" wheels instead of the 18" if I purchase an entire factory performance kit?

Introduction of the Honda Remote Start System

Introduction of the HandsFreeLink Bluetooth Kit

Honda Fit Armrest Update

Special Honda Portable Navigation System Video