Friday, October 12, 2007

Podcast Episode #82 - Viewer Questions Vol. 16

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The roof is on fire! Kel and Paul select some questions to answer from the month of September. Just some of the topics include HomeLink, Alloy Wheel fitment, OEM Floor Mats and navigation upgrades.

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Show notes for Episode #82

News and announcements

Cleveland Indians!
Record September!
Mugen GP Wheels
Our meeting with Honda Access
More Mugen parts?
2008 Accord Accessories

Show Notes

1. Will the portable navigation system be available for the Accord and other models?
2. Will you have a HomeLink mod available for the new Accord?
3. What is the range of the battery powered HomeLink unit?
4. Are any of the new Accord wheels going to fit on the 06-08 Civic?

One of our Europe listeners fills us in with OEM Civic Coupe Door Sill Garnish.

5. I'm trying to find options on upgrading my CR-V wheels. I was considering Civic or Element wheels. Will the TPMS sensors from those vehicles work on my CR-V or will my current sensors fit these wheels?
6. Have you heard anything about the new version iPod Music Link? If so, when will it be available?

Honda's stance on confirming retro applications.

7. Are you going to be carrying the Mugen Si shift knob?
8. I'm not happy with the bass output of my CR-V EX-L. I was told since I have leather interior I cannot install the Bass System Kit however I see that your site indicates otherwise. Is this true?
9. I have a 2007 Civic Hybrid and I have found the mats to be of poor quality. I see you have accessory mats available on your site. Are they better quality than the standard mats that come with the car.
10. I wish to upgrade a non-Navi Civic with the audio controls. What are the parts required along with prices?
11. I have a non-Navi Civic and wish to add the Factory Navigation system. What parts are needed, do you install, or can you provide installation instructions?
12. I have a Civic 2dr LX and I noticed you are selling an exhaust finisher. The installation instructions however indicate the part is for a sedan. Can you clarify?
13. I have a 2007 CR-V Navi. Will you have a Bluetooth kit available or will the Accord unit work in the CR-V?
14. Are the driver's side window switches sold separately or as an assembly? I wanted to explore adding an auto-down switch for the passenger side window on a Honda Fit.
15. I wish to purchase the HFP emblem kit. Does the kit come with correct placement instructions?
16. I'm interested in the HFP Brake Kit for the Si. Is it possible to order parts separately? Are there different calipers for the front rotors?
17. I'm from Canada and looking to purchase a Honda Care Warranty. Can I buy one from you and will the warranty be honored in Canada?
18. Why can't I use the 16" HFP wheels on a 2008 Fit? How do the TPMS sensors interfere?
19. Do you have all season mats to cover the pass through areas on the Odyssey?

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