Monday, November 12, 2007

Podcast Episode #86 - Viewer Questions Vol. 17

Clarity, at last!

Kel and Paul select questions to answer from the month of October. Bluetooth, HondaCare, HFP, and NAVI topics just to name a few.

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Show notes for Episode #86

News and announcements

Record October
Faster Order Processing
DHL in the house!

Viewer Questions

1. I have a NAVI Pilot and need a software upgrade. Do you carry them?
2. Does the exhaust finisher for the Fit change the sound of the exhaust?
3. Why does the Sport muffler for the Fit only apply to the 5spd? What will happen if I put it on an automatic?
4. Do the OEM bumpers for the S2000 come painted?
5. Are your HondaCare Warranties full HondaCare Warranties? My dealer told me they might be only powertrain coverage.
6. Does Honda offer a portable GPS unit like the Garmin 660 model?
7. I need to find a dog barrier for my Honda Fit. Do you carry the one from Australia?
8. I was wondering if the 16" accessory wheels for the 05-06 CR-V will fit earlier models?
9. Is there a way to run power from the interior lights to the HomeLink so you don't have to power it with a battery?
10. Will the 2006 Hybrid Accord mirrors fit a 2004 Accord?
11. I have a 2007 Odyssey and was wondering what if any new 2008 Odyssey accessories will retro back? Bluetooth? Running Boards?
12. I would like to add a trunk lid insulator to my 2008 Accord. Is it available yet?
13. I'm looking at getting mats for my 06 Civic. How many are included? Is the rear mat one single mat or two?
14. Do I need a camber kit if I purchase the HFP suspension for the Civic?
15. What do I need to add Daytime Running Lights on my vehicle?

Closing announcements

New Honda Merchandise coming for the Holiday Season
Honda Cell Phone Holder
Shout out to 8thCivic
Black Friday Special?
Order early for Christmas

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