Monday, December 10, 2007

Podcast Episode #92 - Viewer Questions Vol. 18

Armrests? You said what?

Kel spills the beans and we ask for your help on episode #100.

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Show notes for Episode #92

News and announcements

DHL is in the house
Email issues resolved
Podcast download speed issue resolved
College Hills Honda survey results
Thank you for another record month

Viewer Questions

1. Do you ship products insured?
2. Can you tell me if the PC Card adapter on NAVI models will accept a 4GB SD card?
3. UPCOMING PODCAST: I have a 07 Civic LX and want to install the 3rd brake light bar that is found on the EX. Can this be installed and can you get this item?
4. I have a 2002 S2000 and would like to install the headrest speaker system. Can I get these parts and will they work? Some web sites say yes and some say no.
5. I cannot find the suspension kit for the 04-05 Civic to buy. Can I get it from you?
6. Do the 08 Fit wheels come with TPMS? How much would the 07 wheels cost with TPMS installed?
7. My local dealer said that the HomeLink will not work with some garage door openers. Will I run into any problems? I don't want to spend the money if it won't work.
8. Do I need to buy a camber kit if I purchase the suspension kit for the Accord?
9. Are coolers required when installing a hitch kit?
10. I'm interested in the Mugen GP wheels. Do they only come in gun metal? Can you get them in bronze?
11. SPOILER ALERT: I just noticed you don't have the JDM armrest available for the Fit. Are you going to have them in the future?
12. What is the difference between the Type GG and Type FS i-VTEC DOHC decals for the Si?
13. UPCOMING PODCAST: I have a 2008 Ridgeline and hope to install the conversation mirror that is found in the Odyssey. Is there a part I can order to install this in my vehicle?
14. I'm interested in the 18" HFP carbon bronze wheels. How much longer will they be available for the special price?

Closing announcements

Mugen in the showroom! Possible special?
Episode #100 - We need your ideas and questions! Follow the link below to participate.