Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Podcast Episode #106 - Viewer Questions Volume 20

Is that a microphone in your shirt or are you just trying to annoy our listeners?

Kel and Paul dive into questions asked during the month of January 2008.

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Show notes for Episode #106

News and announcements

Episode #100 survival and fiasco.
Safe and Reliable Limo sucks.
Fit armrest arrival and reorder.
Podcasts now available in HD.
Thank you for the record January.

Viewer Questions

1. I have a 2006 Civic LX. What parts and key do I need to convert to a remote trunk release? FUTURE PODCAST
2. I recently noticed one of my fog light assemblies is broken. My local dealer said I need to buy two. Can you just buy a single fog light?
3. I was wondering if there is a way to upgrade the 3rd brake light in my sedan? You did an upgrade for a coupe. FUTURE PODCAST
4. I'm interested in the underbody kit for my Civic coupe. Do you keep them in-stock? Can I pick up the parts in person to save on shipping? Can you install it and for how much?
5. I purchased a rear bumper applique for a 2008 Accord. Is there a way to get the PT application solution that is required for installation?
6. I ordered a full nose mask for my 2008 Accord but I think I received the wrong mask because it has cutouts for fog lights. My car does not have fog lights.
7. I'm looking for Civic TPMS sensors for a spare set of rims. Can these be ordered and will they be recognized by my vehicle?
8. Will a HomeLink option be available for the 07 and up CR-V EX-L?
9. Can the remote start for the 2008 CR-V be installed in a 2007? Will my local dealer install it?
10. I have a 96 Integra GSR and I noticed that they Type D mats have been discontinued. How long have they been discontinued and can you bring them back?
11. My wife had a fender bender and damaged a back up sensor. Can a single sensor be purchased? Also, will a back up mirror like the one found in the 2008 Odyssey be available for earlier models?
12. I'm interested in the 17" HFP Civic wheels. Will the wheels fit on a 2008 model? Will the TPMS sensors transfer to these wheels? Can I reuse my lug nuts?
13. I have a 2007 Civic Coupe and I was wondering if the Mugen GP wheel will fit my car?
14. Years ago I missed the chance to purchase the 16" 7-spoke Civic wheels that where on special. Is there a way to convince Honda corporate to offer some kind of special again? I'm sure they are just sitting on warehouse shelves.
15. I'm interested in OEM floor mats for the Fit Sport. Do they come with the anchors that hold the mats in place?
16. I'm interested in the IVES system for my Pilot. I have a factory moonroof. Can this be installed in my vehicle?
17. I was wondering if the black lug nuts for the new CR S2000 will fit any other Honda vehicles?
18. I was looking for an ECU R18 engine. Will the model maps be loaded and will it be plug-n-play?
19. Can you tell me what are the differences between the Honda All Season mats from the Husky and WeatherTech versions?
20. Is there a Hands Free Link available for the new CR-V? If not will the Accord version work somehow?
21. You've recently added a trunk insulator option for the 4 door 2008 Accord. Will you be offering something similar for the coupe? FUTURE PODCAST

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