Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Podcast Episode #114 - Viewer Questions Vol 22

When in doubt take your Honda to Circuit City!

Kel and Paul answer a few questions that were asked during the month of March 2008.

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Show notes for Episode #114

News and announcements

- All-time record month (any month)
- HFP Wheel Special Update
- Accord Coupe Suspension Kit Available
- Dashboard Undercovers Available

Viewer Questions

1. I was wondering if the trunk insulator for the Civic sedan will fit the 2dr?
2. Is the bluetooth hands free accessory the same as the one that comes standard with the NAVI system? Also, will it work together with the HomeLink mod?
3. Can you come up with a parts list and install instructions for adding hood dampers on a 4cyl Accord?
4. I saw you had splash guards for the Del Sol for sale on eBay. What other accessories are still available for that car?
5. I have a 2007 Civic Si coupe. What is the widest tire I can put on the HFP 18" wheels?
6. I purchased our Honda Care Warranty for our Odyssey from you and now want to purchase one for a new Civic. Do you still have information online?
7. I have a 2008 Accord EX but want XM radio. Do you sell the EX-L radio and how much is it?
8. Does the CR-V radio have a line out so I can install an amplifier? If not is there a way to install one?
9. I'm looking at adding the interior illumination kit for the Civic. Do you sell the lower undercover as an option and is there a way to install the fogs and illumination kit together?
10. You have offered some off-beat accessories in the past. Are there plans to offer side sill garnish kits for the new Accord?
11. I purchased the 08 Accord backup sensors but I've had trouble finding 24mm and 26mm hole saws. Do you know where I can find these or is there a workaround?
12. I was looking at the Fit wheels for $430 plus shipping. I now have the money but the pricing has increased. Can you still honor the $430 price?
13. Will the Mugen rims fit my 2008 Civic sedan? I see they are listed for 06-07 models. Is this a typo?
14. Is the XM kit available to install into a 06 Civic LX?
15. I would like to install the HFP wing on my Civic but I'm concerned about the trunk springs. Do you sell the tool to remove them or is there something else I can use?
16. I purchased the XM kit but the reception has been spotty. A local shop suggested a replacement antenna. Can I buy the antenna and for how much?
17. I was wondering if you sell HFP struts without having to buy the whole kit? I would just like to buy the struts only.
18. When will you have the parts catalog available for the 2008 Accord?