Saturday, October 11, 2008

Podcast Episode #139 - Viewer Questions Vol. 27 & The Big Announcement

A BIG announcement plus some questions answered from August and September 2008.

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Show notes for Episode #139

News and Announcements

Tail of the Dragon Meet
Ride of the Month
2009 Civic Accessories Available
2009 Fit Accessories Available

Viewer Questions

1. If I install the XM radio and cancel service later will I still be able to get my local stations?
2. Can I install the chrome license plate trim from the 2009 Civic LX onto a 06-08 LX?
3. How much labor is involved in DePAXing a Honda Odyssey?
4. Can I get a Si grille for my Civic coupe? I did not see it on your web site for purchase.
5. I'm looking for a trunk insulator kit for a Civic coupe but I don't see it on your site. Can I get this item?
6. Are there side moldings available for the 06-09 Civic coupe?
7. I have installed the sport suspension and 19" wheels on my 8th Generation Accord coupe. When I took my car in for an alignment they only had the specs for the 18" wheels. What are the specifications with 19" wheels installed?
8. Do you have an availability update on the armrest for the 2009 Honda Fit?
9. Are the TPMS sensors included with part number 08W18-TA0-100? If so I plan on running a winter and a summer set of rims. Can I swap the wheels each season without having to have the sensors initialized.
10. Any word if you will get more of the Accord Sport Grilles from Australia?
11. I have a 2007 Odyssey Touring with PAX. Can I just replace the tires with non-PAX tires?
12. Can you provide a price quote for the JDM overhead console and passenger visor for the 07-08 Fit?
13. If you add the accessory security system to the 7th generation Civic does it add keyless entry as well?
14. Will the accessory manual shift knob for the 09 Fit work with a 07-08 model?
15. Can the trunk insulator from the 06-09 Civic sedan be used without the hinge covers? I'd prefer to not do any drilling.
16. I have found all the parts needed to DePAX my Odyssey but I can't find a spare tire. Can I buy just the tire? I spoke with several dealers and they said it can't be ordered from Honda.
17. Will the leather automatic shift knob from the 09 Fit work on the 06-09 Civic?


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